Frick Park Adventure

Yesterday my fiance, Brian, and I went on an adventure to Frick Park in Pittsburgh, PA. It was the first day that I was working with a 35mm film camera. The reason I had to suddenly switch gears is because I am taking film class in school. Although I have a film class to attend to I made sure to have my DSLR right on my side. We decided to hike along the Nine Mile Run Trail at Frick Park which runs along a beautiful creek. We did not hike the amazing all nine miles but we did hike quite a bit to see the beautiful snow reflections, different break areas, and plenty of dogs who wanted to say hello. We made sure to dress warm and not be afraid to walk through the snow and tread through water. Although it was cold and a long hike we enjoyed our time there. Here are some pictures to show you some of adventure. Keep tune for pictures later! 

Thank you to my wonderful fiance for being an assistant, driving me to my adventures, joining me on them, and also taking these fun never forgetting pictures. Love you to pieces! 

I hope you enjoyed my behind the scenes of Frick Park! Make sure to check out the final images when you're done!