Michigan Snow Storm

This past weekend I had traveled to Allegan, Michigan and while I was there a huge snowstorm had hit, covering everything and anything in snow and ice. I took this opportunity to photograph the beautiful winter landscapes of Allegan. What I didn’t realize is that I would be swimming through the feet of snow they had gotten. It was hard to get to the certain areas I wanted but I made it out alive! As I traveled around the -24 degree area I tried to observe any landscape that caught my interest, even though my eyes were watering from the freezing cold. Anytime something caught my eyes I pulled the car over, ran out, and snapped a couple pictures. Some pictures though, were not as easy as others. At one point I had to climb over this snow mound to reach the area I wanted. Not thinking too much about it, I took a step and my whole leg sunk down into the mound, leaving me squirming because I couldn’t get my other leg over the mound thanks to my shortness and my skinny jeans. So as you try to picture my crazy winter time adventure in your head, please enjoy these final images of my travels to Michigan, keeping in mind that you should wear snow pants when you go out for crazy photo shoots.