Mom's 50th Birthday Celebration

“Time is precious”

That saying is beyond true. This past weekend was one of the most marvelous weekends I’ve had in a long time. We decided to celebrate my mother’s birthday for a whole weekend. This wasn’t the typical birthday though. April 29, 1965 is my mother’s birthdate, meaning today she has turned 50! She has put up with a lot considering my brother and I were not always angels (mostly me). She deserves the world in our eyes and she’s the strongest woman I know. My mother’s life was none short of a normal one. She raised two children on her own after my father passed in 2008. So to return the great favor my brother, Randy, and I decided to throw her a party this past weekend.

My fiancé, Brian, and I arrived in my hometown, Mountain Top, Friday night. We drove five hours from Pittsburgh, PA. When we arrived that night we met my mother at Lispis Lounge. There we had a drink, ate, and talked with some of her work friends who came to meet me.

Saturday was the big day. That morning at 9am my mother and I went and got our tattoos at NEPA Tattooing. My mother had always wanted one, she always said she was going to get one, but never did. Well that day had finally come. She had gotten a hummingbird and flower on her leg, proving her love for hummingbirds and nature (her tattoo is not finished – she will be getting color). I, on the other hand, (this shows you how different we are) got a skull on my finger, showing my love for skulls and my badass side. Little did my mother know I was paying for hers. Of course she was not happy about that, but I wouldn’t let her get in her purse to pay. After our tattoo appointments we had dinner at the famous (at least in my town) La Tolteca. There we had the crew sing “Happy Birthday” to her even though she hates that. After that we headed home and got ready for the big afternoon.

At five o’clock we went over to my brother and his wife’s house and started celebrating. My brother's wife, Megan, did an amazing job on decorations and baking desserts. My mom was so excited when she saw everything. There, a few of our close friends came over for the party. My mother wore her birthday princess pin and crown, played bocce, ate the best pizza from Kings Pizzeria, and laughed as we played her survey game. After we ate and played games mom opened her gifts. She was taken by all the love everyone gave her. My brother, Randy, and Megan had gotten her a new laptop since her old desktop one had died and my fiancé and I had gotten her a KitchenAid mixer, which she had always wanted. She had tears in her eyes and thanked everyone for making her day wonderful. After that, we all headed outside and had a wonderful star filled night by the bonfire. Everyone was telling stories and laughing up a storm. It was a wonderful night, one where I got to witness my mother’s continuous smile.

On Sunday morning my fiancé and I took my mother wine tasting, along with our friend Wally. We had gone to Maiolatesi Wine Cellars. There, we had tasted some wine and then later had a wonderful drive through the country, leading us to one of our favorite restaurants, Twigs. After having a delicious lunch there we headed home to say our goodbyes.

Leaving is always hard for me. I care a lot about my mother and worry about her all the time. People always say you become closer to your parents as you get older. That might not always be true, but in my case it was. I gave my mother quite a bit of heart attacks when I was in my teens and I don’t blame her for being hard on me. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. Once people get to know her, they understand how strong she is as a person. A lot of my friends even consider her has their own mother, hence her name Momma Iggy. She has coached me not only in sports, but through life as well and still does to this day. The world would not be the same without her big Italian personality, even though her height does not match that. I love you mom and always will be inspired by you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!