Maurice Goddard Adventure

This past weekend my fiancé, Brian, and I made the adventurous journey to Maurice Goddard State Park in Sandy Lake, PA. The drive was two hours of highway and beautiful countryside. When we arrived, we started hiking and not long after getting there, we saw a bald eagle fly into her nest. We waited, but it was clear that she was not leaving. A kind older gentleman stopped to talk with us and told us she rarely left the nest because she had babies, so we let her be. After seeing her, we watched a crane, some geese, and a little turtle swim along. After that, we continued our hiking on a different trail. We enjoyed the long lake and, my favorite, the creek. While walking along the creek it had beautiful bridges and little waterfalls.

Please enjoy some behind the scenes photos my fiancé took and also, enjoy my NEW behind the scenes video! - Make sure to change it into high HD to see the best results!

Hope you enjoyed my behind the scenes of Maurice Goddard State Park! Make sure to check out the final images when you're done!