Living Treasures Animal Park - Moraine, PA

A little bit ago my fiancé, Brian, and I decided to make a trip out to Living Treasures Animal Park in Moraine, PA. We have wanted to visit the park for quite some time now, but just never got the chance. Well, the day we went was gorgeous out, allowing me to get some really awesome pictures. The park was a decent size and they had a ton of animals; even ones I’ve never seen before, such as, Mountain Bongos and Muntjac Deer. Another thing that I am not used to doing when I attend zoos is being able to feed a lot of the animals. At Living Treasures, people are allowed to purchase food for the animals. As we walked through, most animals could be hand fed, but for the bigger animals there were little tube shoots where we could slide feed down to give them. For the monkeys, we could put food into a bucket and using a chain, the monkeys would pull the bucket towards them and enjoy the treat. It was quite amazing to experience that. 

As we walked through the park we enjoyed seeing all the different animals, some of them huge and some small and cute. Some of our favorite moments were when we went into the small aviary area, where we could feed some small birds. As I was taking pictures, one decided to land on my head and stay there for quite some time. Brian had a laugh out of that. We also got to meet the cutest of baby goats, a talkative camel, an interested giraffe, a funny reindeer, and Brian’s favorite, a very fluffy alpaca. We even took a picture with the lions and leopards. Also, for those who are like me and collect the pressed pennies, Living Treasures does have a penny machine right inside their gift shop! 

Overall, Brian and I both enjoyed our trip to Living Treasures and we are planning to visit their other location in Laurel Highlands, PA. Enjoy some of the photos I captured from our visit!