A Trip To Saugatuck

As if last year repeated itself, my fiancé and I headed off to Allegan, Michigan for Memorial Weekend again. The weekend was the perfect relaxation time that we needed. Of course, being in Michigan, we had to visit Saugatuck. Saugatuck is a small city located in Allegan County. It’s one of my favorite places to visit every time we go to Michigan. From all the different little shops to the calming sound of the waves, Saugatuck is a relaxing and fun place to venture around. Every time we go we find a new shop to explore, a new street to stroll down, and a new memory to add to our trip. Although, it seems like our time there always flies by. We walk around and explore so many shops the day goes by quickly. It may be a small town, but there’s so much to find and explore! I love little towns like that. Although we didn’t get to ride it, we got to see the Saugatuck Chain Ferry in action. By seeing it in action, I mean we got to see the guy’s hand crank the ferry across the river. It used to transport horses across the river, now it transports tourists. After watching the ferry, we made our way to the boardwalk and observed all the fancy boats and condos across the river.

Once we made our rounds along the winding dock, we headed our way back into town. I love seeing the little old houses, the busy shops, and all the old buildings. Of course I had to get some souvenirs of my own to remember that beautiful day. While walking the different streets, even watching all the people put a smile on my face. Especially when someone was walking their cat through the park. So cute! As we walked around Saugatuck, it reminded me of simpler times. Every time we go, I get a feeling deep down that makes me happy and wonder what the town was like back in the day. To see that it’s still thriving and a wonderful place to vacation makes me can’t wait to visit again. After our rewinding day in Saugatuck we made a trip to Dairy Dayz for some refreshing ice cream. We always enjoy our trip to Saugatuck, no matter what season it is. Hopefully you will be able to add it to your bucket list! If you’d like to see some more photos check out my blog Memorial Weekend in Michigan to see more!

Enjoy these photos from our day. Some photos are from the drive there.