North Carolina Cabin

It’s every girl’s dream to marry her sweetheart in her future. She dreams of the white dress, the beautiful flowers, her parent’s reactions, and just the overall beautiful day. On October 8, 2016, I got to experience my dream wedding. I have been with my husband, Brian, for four years now. Finally, after two years of planning, we got to have our little rustic country wedding. We decided to have a small wedding in the town of Wapwallopen, Pennsylvania, located near my hometown, Mountain Top, when a friend of ours let us use her private property for the ceremony. We set up a handmade branch trellis and chairs with a beautiful pond and autumn trees behind us. The rain held off and overall, the day was gorgeous. Following our wedding day as the new Mr. & Mrs. Batey, we headed off to our dream vacation spot, North Carolina.

©Sammie Lynn Photography

The idea of the mountains and the adventure that hid in the valleys intrigued us. When choosing a location for our honeymoon that’s when we found Howells at the Moon farm. Brian and I decided to spend our honeymoon in Waynesville, North Carolina because we have always dreamed of seeing the gorgeous state. There, is where we rented our small cabin for the week. The cabin wasn’t way back in the woods like we were hoping, but the area was nice and quiet and surrounded by farmland. That was good enough for us. It was peaceful and away from any busy roads, yet we could drive about ten minutes into town for groceries. The cabin was a little smaller than expected, but perfect for us three to get away and relax. The cabin had a little yard, some trails in the woods behind, a fire pit, and a hot tub. That’s what Brian was most excited about. Our dog, Rusty, came along for the adventure with us, so the new surroundings were a ball of fun for him.

The owners of Howells at the Moon farm left us guides, pamphlets, and tips for what we could do around Waynesville and surrounding areas. That was convenient for us, because we didn’t have time to actually plan what we all wanted to do while there. That night we decide to relax and just enjoy the surroundings. While letting Rusty run around outside I decided to photograph my gorgeous new wedding ring. When the sun started to go down we decided to drive around the town a little bit and find somewhere good to eat. We found a local steakhouse by the name of Sagebrush Steakhouse. One of the best rib dinners I’ve ever had in awhile and the staff there was amazing. We even got compliments on our matching Hubby and Wifey shirts. After our nice warm dinner we went back to the cabin and looked at some of the pamphlets. Tomorrow, our new adventure was going to start with visiting the Great Smokey Mountains National Park