Frick Park in July

For my Nature Photography class, we had a field trip to Frick Park, which is located in Pittsburgh, PA. Arriving there, my group and I decided to take the Fall Ravine Trail and see what we could find. I have been to Frick Park a couple of times, but never on this particular trail. As we walked around at eight o’clock in the morning, we enjoyed the cool crisp air and the sound of the small creek that we were following. As we made our way down Falls Ravine Trail we encountered what was barely a little waterfall and a nice park bench that was placed perfectly under the treetops in the shade. My group continued forward without me, as I was a little behind. Instead of looking at the big picture, I always look for small hidden details within nature. That’s when I found the beautiful raindrops on leaves and flowers. I found an interesting spider, which I did not want to get too close to because he was moving quite a bit. I found a wonderful little ladybug, which was keeping some other insects company. Various little things were about on that beautiful morning. Even after walking back to our car after a couple of hours of wandering, we got to see a little fairy door. Yes, Frick Park is known for the little wooden fairy doors. It’s told that a man hand makes them and leaves them about on the trails, one in particular, the Tranquil Trial. You have to look very hard to find them! They’re truly amazing. Please enjoy some photographs that I captured from our trip there. You can also check out these other blogs from my prior trips to Frick Park.

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