Raccoon Creek State Park in August

I’ve been to Raccoon Creek State Park a couple of times already, but I never get tired of going back there. I was supposed to visit there Friday morning, but we had a little mishap in my group for school. If you’d like to read about that, check out my Moraine State Park blog. Anyway, my fiancé and I made our way to Raccoon Creek State Park. Of course, we stopped by the Mineral Springs trail, as always. The water wasn’t really flowing today, so it was not my ideal photographing spot. Although, I did capture a beautiful little blue butterfly, as well as the wooden bridge. As we continued on that trail, I snapped some macro shots, as well as wide shots of the trail itself.

After that trail, we made our way to the park office where we had to make a pit stop. While there, I observed their little garden, placed right in front of the office. There is where I captured some lovely photographs of some huge butterflies. Fast little buggers. After that we tried a new area to hike. We drove up to the Wildflower Reserve and decided to hike the Jennings Trail there. After two minutes of walking, we came upon an old cabin, in which we could step inside. It was a very interesting sight. We kept hiking, but nothing really stood out to me for pictures, only a couple things. I was more concerned because my fiancé and I were being eaten alive by mosquitoes. They were absolutely terrible. I was so swollen and itchy when we got back to the parking lot.

After our long day of hiking, we decided to call it a day and go for a swim. Not only because it was hot that day, but to hopefully sooth our bug bite covered bodies. Raccoon Creek State Park is known for their beach area where people can swim, fish, and kayak. It was a very nice day for a swim and we enjoyed our time there. Please enjoy some photographs I got from my trip there!