Moraine State Park

This short little blog has an interesting story behind it. I’m pretty sure you will laugh; at least I hope someone does. For our school field trip we were supposed to visit Raccoon Creek State Park. I have been to this state park a couple of times and it really is beautiful there. Our group consisted of five girls total. We all packed into one car and headed off at seven in the morning, having to be at the park no later than eight thirty to meet our teacher. Raccoon Creek State Park is about forty minutes away from our school. As time was passing by, we felt like we might have missed our exit. This is when we found out that our driver thought she knew where she was going from memory, not a GPS. So of course, we all panicked and pulled off at the next exit. We plugged the address into our phones and sure enough, we went about an hour the WRONG way. We quickly called our teacher and explained our situation, which he laughed at and felt sorry for us. He then told us to just visit Moraine State Park instead of driving two hours back to Raccoon Creek State Park. So there we were laughing at our mistake, glad we figured something out, rather than our day being wasted.

Luckily, Moraine was only twelve minutes from the exit we pulled off on. When we arrived we decided to walk along the lake instead of taking any trails since we already lost some time. The lake was massive, but we only walked a portion of it. We walked along the beach area and enjoyed the nice cool breeze. It was a nice calm lake. Some kayakers and boaters were enjoying the early morning water. While there, I captured some nice lake shots, as well as some tree lines. The clouds that day were breathtaking. I mainly focused on my macro photography though, in which, I found a very busy bee to photograph. After walking for a bit, we tried driving around the park some more to see if there were any other areas we would like to investigate, but all we could find were loading docks. Since it was getting close to eleven and we had an hour to drive back, we decided to head out.

Even though we ended up at a completely different state park, we all had a good time. We were tired after, but continued our day, not worrying about the mistake. I decided that I was going to go to Raccoon Creek State Park that weekend, just to get some more photographs, and just the fact that I love hiking there. Keep an eye out for that upcoming blog. In the meantime, here are some photographs I captured from Moraine State Park. You can also check out my past blogs and see my other trips to state parks, including Raccoon Creek.