Macro Filters

Macro photography is producing photographs of small items larger than life size. Macro lenses can be very expensive, which is why most photographers, like myself, start out with something simpler. I bought a set of macro filters online for a decent price, and honestly I am glad I got them. Even though they are not the best macro lenses to have, these little filters have given me great close up photographs that I would have never gotten without them. The set of filters that I got have four different filters. The highest one that I have is a +10. Whenever I go out on a photo shoot I like to carry these filters with me because when I see something very small, like an insect, or small frog, I can grab them out of my pocket and get great detailed shots.

I am not only a nature/wildlife photographer, but also a portrait photographer. On occasions I photograph engagement sessions. Another reason I got these filters is because I can use them to get great detailed ring shots. I have used my own engagement ring for practice and love the shots I have captured. Macro filters can be used however you like, but these are just some of the reasons I would recommend them. If you would like to see the filter kit I got, click the button below. Also, please enjoy a collection of photographs where I have used my macro filters. Maybe now you will consider getting your own kit!